Thursday, December 29, 2011

Decorating With Old Boxes and Totes


Using old tool boxes, food packing crates, berry boxes and old drawers to decorate with is so much fun! I have a passion for those old totes that have that perfectly aged look to them. My friend Sandi owns a beautiful antique store and asked me if I could do a vignette in her front side window. OH YES! and I had so much fun doing so. Her store is filled with so many wonderful OLD things so I thought I would do up a garden themed window using old boxes and totes. How easy to decorate with such FUN things to pull from within her shop!!




This old carpenter’s tote is my favorite! Just look at the metal strapping and rivets on the top.

P1010023 This vignette is an old wood box that is painted white. I layered some moss, silk flowers and a little Cottage Welcome sign.



Above is an old wood tool caddy with a fabulous 40’s green color – all original with a great worn patina. It would be divine decked out with Christmas greenery and holiday doo-dads.

P1010036 An old Pepsi Cola box looks good with some silk greenery sitting inside.


P1010059a An antique Watkins Products sample box that is stunning. How cool to have if your last name was Watkins! My friend Karen has it for sale in her space at The Green Pea.

P1010055a Use this bright yellow box for rolled up towels, magazines or even to hold toys. Turn it on its side, as shown, and hang it on a wall for shelving.

P1010066a Another favorite of mine…perfectly worn and well loved at one time. Imagine a gentleman using what he had around the house to build this piece with old galvanized pipe, bits of wire and scraps of old barn wood.

P1010063a This old dresser drawer is now a lovely display piece. Old green and black paint with a glass drawer pull looks perfect on top of the cottage style white dresser.

P1010067a P1010068a Below is the tool caddy that I found at another friend’s shop. The caddy is painted gray with red trim – perfect to hold my Christmas Santa’s and bottle brush trees.



I will share more of Sandi’s shop in the next few days. She is gearing her shop up for spring.

Here are a few links for some wonderful old wood totes that can be purchased on line. Just click on the photo to link you to the site.

green tote

tote - wooden

tote = blue


Terra said...

These are charming vignettes you created and handsome old totes. The welcome sign with the bird is sweet too.

Linda said...

Great ideas...I am going to have to look at the Etsy shop...some great things there!!

Vee said...

I have lots of old boxes, but am never quite sure how to display them. In fact, I just removed one that I had been using. Thanks for the ideas. You always know what to do. I see that you've been busy with a new playlist. I'll have to pop it out someday and have a listen.

marie said...

Thanks for sharing such wonderful pieces and awesome ideas too!

That window display would draw me right looks great!!

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Oh my gosh! It all looks fabulous!! People will be picking your displays apart to BUY! Whis is a good thing ;)

Happy New Year!

Lou Cinda

Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

Becky, you are so talented. I need you come visit me and make method of my madness.


becky up the hill said...

Wowwow..beautiful. Love old carpenter tool boxes. Beautiful displays.

Kath Soderstrom said...

I am so jealous!!! You got to play with Sandy's goodies..Your displays look fantastic..I too am thinking about spring..Burr.. It's so cold.thank goodness for the sun

Elsie said...

Good Gosh almighty Becky!!! You have given me JUNK FEVER. I have a green tool box like that one. My dad built it in the 40's. He built a lid on his and I use the box for
magazines and the daily paper. I remember him using it in the late 50's when he would do odd carpenter jobs. I love your caddy on your trunk, I spotted it when you did the post on your Christmas stuff. I have one and I had to go find it, it was outside on my potting table. I use to use it in the middle of my dining table. I love your friend's shop. Thanks so much for giving me JUNK FEVER and sharing that wonderful shop.

Kathleen Grace said...

Adorable ideas Becky! I think you may have found your calling in window dressing ands decorating:>)

"Create Beauty" said...

What beauty from old and chipped items! Love them all!!!

Happy New Year Becky!
~ Violet

Simply Shelley said...

Just my sort of thing :) I love your music....wishing you many blessings in the New year dear Becky.

Brenda Pruitt said...

I love containers of every variety! This was great eye candy.

Pondside said...

I love to find old tool totes and have several of them on the stone wall along the drive - they are great planted with geraniums in summer and ivy and pansies in winter. There's one out in the garage - perhaps it's time to bring it in and do something fun with it!

Debra Roberts said...

Fantastic ideas Becky! Glad I haven't thrown out those "Old Boxes and Totes" ... even under pressure from those who don't have "the vision"! LOL


Mimi Sue said...

So fun! I have an old carpenters tote that I plant nasturtiums in and set on my patio. Love your displays. You've mentioned (I think it was you) an antique store in Turlock that you love. What is it's name? We are going to visit friends in Patterson sometime this winter and I'd welcome any shopping suggestions that you might have! Thank you! Mimi

Linda A. said...

Ohhh, the Watkins tote, how
wonderful. Brings back memories of my mom buying her Watkins
products, especially vanilla.
Thanks for the great ideas!

Kris said...

I love old wooden boxes and crates!!!

Emma said...

good job on the window it is beautiful!
I would happily give any of these gorgeous items house space :)
Wishing you a wonderful 2012 xxx

The Green Pea said...

Thank you Becky, for having a good time decorating at the Pea. It was so much fun for me to walk around and see all of the new displays! You are a talented sweetheart and I am so blessed to know you. XOXO's sandi

TheCrankyCrow said... had me at "old boxes...." I adore old boxes and totes....and you did these all up proud and then some. My absolute favorites, though, are that Watkins one and your gray and red one. AWESOME! And you truly have a mad gift for pulling things together so artistically my friend. One of my favorite posts of yours....Drooling....Smiles & New Year Hugs ~ Robin