Sunday, May 29, 2011

Peace For Andrew


Thinking of all who are and have served our Country and thanking YOU from the depth of my heart.

I met an eight year old boy yesterday at a sale I was having. His name is Andrew. Andrew was dressed in Army camouflage pants, shirt and a vest. I was curious why the little boy was wearing the outfit. When I asked Andrew about his outfit, the adorable little boy, with large brown eyes and a spattering of tiny freckles on his checks, lit up inside and shared his heartfelt story with me:

“My brother is a drill sergeant in the Marines and he gave me this outfit. My brother is going back to Afghanistan again. He has been there three times already. In my room, I have a picture of my brother and next to it a cross. I pray for him each day and pray for him to come home alive. I am very proud of my brother and love him so much. When I pray, I also pray for peace.”

Andrew was admiring a cross I had on the table for sale, the very cross that is in the photo below. He asked how much it was. I told him it wasn’t for sale and handed it to him. On the cross is the word PEACE. It was a meant to be moment…the cross was to be for Andrew. I didn’t share about my life with him but only told him I would pray for his brother.

As the adorable Andrew walked away, clutching his cross to his heart, he turned to me and said, “It was nice to meet you, Becky. I will remember you always and pray for peace.”


As Andrew shared from his heart, his grandfather stood back and listened, tears forming in his eyes – finally having to brush them off of his cheek. Later on, grandpa added that all of his grandchildren are in the military. When he spoke those words, I could see his pride shining through.

God Bless Andrew and his family….and God Bless all of you.

Never forget a soldier and always thank those who have sacrificed their freedoms for ours.