Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy HOWL-O-Ween

Miss Fiona is quite the howler! (note: maybe she just simply doesn't like being called dumb one - a pet name that Spen and Jordan had for each other.) Doogie, on the other hand, prefers to sit back and observe..... Note: First, just mute the music list below....and then tilt your head to the left....dunno what my son did here. :) ** Have a safe and howlin' good Howl-O-Ween!


Anonymous said...

That is too cute! Our little Schnauzer sat outside and helped hand our candy to our trick or treaters.
Be a sweetie,

shelia ;)

ScrapsofMe said...

Arooooooo 2 u 2!
Happy HOWL-oh-weenie!

The Green Pea said...

WOW! Fiona just woke Barney and Logan up, they are barking. They do not know what they are hearing..
Fiona, what are you saying? ? ? Mommy, sandi

Tanza said...

Hi Becky,
This was soo cute !! Sweet puppy .. being teased ... aahh .. I was on to show my neighbor your sweet hearts, and got to see this too .. fun .. hoping you are enjoying your evening .. thanks for everything ..
hugs ~tea~xo

Brenda Eason said...

That is good,but your son makes a good dog too lol! It was really cute.

Deborah said...

Sounds like Miss Fiona is telling you a story! More than likely a spooky Halloween Story!
I hope you had a great night! Have fun!

Patina said...

Becky, that is to stinkin' cute!
Ms. Fiona made me smile!

Simple Home said...

That is so funny. I think you should start calling Miss Fiona "smart one". She seems like a pretty smart dog to me. Thanks for sharing!

Mandi said...

Too cute! Have not watched anything leaning left lately...was fun to watch the howler that way.

Happy halloween!

Rebecca said...

Ok, I played this while Maggie was in the room. She couldn't understand where the barking doggy was at. Too funny Miss Fee!

Lisa said...

How funny! My little pooch does the same thing on the 4th of July. She doesn't care for fireworks.
I love the little heart pillows. Really like the tooth fairy one & will order one for my Lily, although I think we've got about a year before the teeth start going. Maybe you could do 2 for my boys that are in a different color? I'll email you. Lisa

Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

That howl even woke Java up!!

Have a wonderful restful Sunday.


Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

LOL....Miss Fiona is really talking back!

Brenda Pruitt said...

Hope you had a nice Halloween. And changed your clocks. It's Sunday now. So Halloween is over. We never get trick or treaters here in this neighborhood for some reason.

Jaclyn said...

She is too cute!

Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

How cute is that!! She sure does have a lot to say. Becky have you seen the Cottage of the month yet? It's beautiful~~~

The Strawberry Mallard said...

and Gussy Dog is just goin' " that my sweet Fiona calling to me????"

Too funny Miss Becky!
Love ya!

Susie Q said...

Too, too cute!! Kipper just ran over and jumped up so he could see!! I told you! He LOVES Fiona!!

Lallee said...

Oh that pesky biggest brother of Fiona's! She needs a good trick to play on him for payback. She sure looks cute peeking around as she howls :)

Unknown said...

LOL! I think little Fee told him what for!:)


Dawn said...

Poor Miss Fiona, being called dumb, no wonder she's howling!

BTW, Becky, I was in Michaels this morning and they have Mary Englebreit Christmas things, including an ME Scotty ornament, in black, verrrrrry cute!