Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Duhgall Got Tagged By Daisy!

Hi y'all! Well isn't this just fun ~ Duhgall got tagged! Yes he did and by his friend Daisy, over at My Journey Back. The picture below is of the pretty Daisy herself! I would reckon that she can type pretty fast with those paws!

Ok, Daisy ~ Duhgall is taking over the keyboard now and has some facts about himself to share. Now mind you, dear friends, he may share some photos of himself that y'all may have already seen before. But, this is his gig and he picked these out. Of course, he only liked the ones where he looked "good" in. ha.
Hey everyone - this is waaaayy kewl! Thanks Daisy for the tag. For name is Duhgall (prounounced Doug-all) and translates to "Dark Stranger". But most just call me Doogs or Doog-All. That is me as a puppy up there in the chair - before my first haircut. Right now I am two and a half years old - that would mean 17 or so in human years. Think I'll try to get my driver's license soon.
The dude in the back is my dad and that is me with my tongue hanging out. I must have caught a glimpse of a "hot number" walking by.
Above is my Dad, Mr. Cole. We had gone over to see Mom and Dad and my adopted parents snapped these pics. The photo below is of my Mom, Pearl, my Dad and I.
My mom is a Wheaten Scotty - a pretty blonde she is! Here I am at 8 weeks old.
I am a Scottish Terrier and we were bred to be "ratters". That means that we like to hunt badgers, squirrels, rats and any other rodent-like creatures. Honestly though, I have never hurt anything, but sure like going to the hills and sniff around a lot.

...sniff....sniff... I think I smell something off over here!
My birthday is on St. Patrick's Day - pretty cool, huh? Here I am with one of my "big brothers" and looking silly with my party hat on. I do not like hats!
Maw and Paw had a bagpipe player at my first birthday party. He was soooo rad and I was digging all of the tunes Jared could belt out on his pipes! Kinda wierd though..he was wearing a skirt!
I try to help out in the kitchen as much as possible. Mainly I sweep up the crumbs that Maw drops. I was really hoping she'd drop that turkey last Thanksgiving!
After a hard day of work in the kitchen I like to take a long nap under my blankie. Some say I am spoiled rotten - chuckle...yup!
I like to drink my coffee and read the paper in the morning.
Haaaa! I run here and hide anytime I hear the word "bath!" Check out the menacing look I am giving Paw! Think it will scare him enough to back off!? Grrrr...go ahead and make my day! Don't make me flash my fangs!
When Maw or Paw are at the computer, I can be found at their feet....sleeping, of course!
And I like to catch a little snooze with Socks every now and then. Socks is a cool sister, even though she is a CAT! See how sneaky she is? She took my plaid blankie and she thought I'd not notice..... ha!
I will admit, I do like having my picture taken. Maybe I will be discovered someday and get to play a role in some cool movie!

I like having my sisters over to play. Below is my half sister Maude. We have the same dad. Maude and I were having our pictures taken for an article that her Maw, Wave, is writing for Great Scots magazine.
Ok, I will admit.....I LOVE to shop! This pic is of Maude and I at a flea market. We scout out all of the good stuff at our eye level.
Below is my baby sister, Maggie. She has stayed some days at our house while her Maw and Paw were out of town. Before Maggie was adopted by her Maw, Miss Jean, she and her brother lived with us for two weeks while her owner was in the hospital. Maggie is my half sister, but a full sister to her older sister Maude.
Here is Maggie now. She likes to hang out in her backyard, too.I love to fetch the ball and go to play at the park.
I also enjoy going to the Highland games and listening to the bagpipers play.
Don't tell my Maw, but I really dig chasing Socks around the house and making her mad....
...but she forgives me and lets me lounge around with her.
I think one of the things I dislike the most is having a bath. My Paw got ahold of me and I had to cave-in and get a good scrubbin'.
Ahhh....that warm water feels good, but I would never tell Paw that. Oh...let me stand up so he can get the soap off of my tail area...owzers!
I hope you enjoyed reading some facts about me. Daisy, thanks again - that was fun!


Miss Jean said...

Wow! My big brother is a celebrity! Way to go Dughall! You are one handsome lad. You sure look content when you get a bath. I don't like baths. Mommy has to wash me in the tub in the garage so I don't get water all over the kitchen (I know, I'm a little high maintenance). Let's get together soon and catch up on family talk.

I love you, Doogs.
Your little sister, Maggie

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Maggie, I love you, too! I am very proud of you and have to tell you that you are just one of my favorite sisters ... and quite adorable, too!!!! Now be good for your Maw and Paw, ya hear? I know you are still a puppers, but hey, us Scotties have to save face!!!

Love you always and forever,

Anonymous said...

Becky, I absolutely adore this dog!!! I swear we get so attached to our babies don't we. I especially love the one of him under the plaid blanket. Would you believe Jackson sleeps with us under the covers at night??? Shhh....don't tell anyone, they will think we are crazy!!


Anonymous said...

Dughall is so sweet! Tell him Charli and I really enjoyed hearing his story. Have a good evening!

Thimbleanna said...

Man Dughall, you are quite the handsome stud. And were you an adorable baby or what! So interesting that your mother is a blonde -- were there any blonde siblings in your litter. And awwww, that pic of you and Socks in the basket is just too darn cute!

Michele said...

Awwwwww Dughall is just the cutest! I love him snuggled in his blankie!


Linda Summerfield said...

Scotty Dogs are certainly the cutest dogs of all!!!

Pink Slippers said...

What a handsome fellow. Move over Brad Pitt this little guy should be a model. LOL.

Skoots1moM said...

what precious pups...wish i had one...
so adorable...and smart, too!
looks great in plaid... : )

Eileen said...

Duhgall, you were such a cute little puppy. And a fine handsome young laddie now. Be good now for your Maw and Paw.. and don't let Socks get you into any trouble. I know how cats can be sometimes.

Unknown said...

That Doogs is sooo cute. I love the baby er...I mean puppy pic. What a sweetie! You must be so proud! : )


Decor To Adore said...


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becky up the hill said...

Doogs, I'm having a hard time with your many '*girls friends*' does your Dad have ;o)? Please come by sometime, my calico has not been chased since our little MaGee went home to Scotty Heaven. I have lots of squirrels to chase too. Tell your folks to bring you up the hill when it snows this Winter. There are some good photo ops in all that white stuff!

Jean said...

Doogs, You are one photogenic fella.My Maggie Mae has a crush on you, but don't tell her I told you, and your MAW should write a book about you. (I love your stories Becky, they are so cute). Maggie Mae said to tell you she had that dreaded bath today too. Well she did get a treat after, so it was okay. Well you have a fun evening, Mr Doogs,
Maggie Mae and Jean in Virginia

Kirsten said...

Your post has me thinking about getting a scottie. It only makes sense, I'm 1/2 Scottish and my husband wears a kilt!

Adorable Dughall!

Kathleen Grace said...

Well Dughall, you are certainly a cutie! I love the picture of you at 8 weeks old and in your little bed under the covers:>)

FarmHouse Style said...

Oh, but you are such a handsome fellow and quite photogenic! What a fun way to find out more about Mr. Doogs.


Susie Q said...

Oh DoogleEDoo! I am so VERY impressed!
You are such a great doggie...I think we could be buddies dude!
I just posted something about my nights out! *grin*

We should hang out dude!

Your friend,
Kipper (Susie Q's doggie)

Tracey said...

Duhgall is SO HANSOME!!! I love the picture of him hiding from the bath! I am so amazed that you have a terrier and a cat living happily together! My mom has had two australian terriers and they want to eat my kitties up when they come over!

becky up the hill said...

Oh and Doogs, how do you act after your bath? I used to hide the doggy shampoo behind my back as I snuck up on dear old MaGee..afterwards tho, it was like she had wings..she would run around the garden so fast and then dive into a pile of leaves or dirt, nose first, snorting, come up looking like pig pen on Charlie Brown. I hope this was particular to her and you don't act this badly.


Well Dughall it was so nice learning more about you. You brought back memories of my Scottish Terrior named Whiskey, she was a distant cousin of yours, and the poor girl, I used to dress her in baby clothes and diapers then push her around in a baby carriage, but she never minded!LOL. I think Lulu, Abbey And Tucker are a little jealous but they did enjoy seeing your pic's and reading about you!!

smilnsigh said...

I wanted to say thank you for a comment of yours, which I just read, over in Kari's blog {Just Livin' Large'}. Comments like yours make me not be so depressed, about our coming election.

Again, thank you.

Miss Mari-Nanci
My "Other" blog {'In The Mind Of A Grand Mother'}

Deb said...

Dughall is adorable! I loved the photo of him at 8 weeks old :-)

Sue said...

So adorable...he could be featured in a Ralph Lauren photo op......

Tracey said...

Thanks for coming over to my blog and leaving me nice words!
I enjoy your blog so much!!

Tracey said...

Do you mind if I please mention your blog in a post? I would like to do my own version of the dog tag Dughall got and I'd like to to mention y'all.
:) Tracey

Sentimentally Me said...

Beckers Beckers Beckers!! Love the photos of Mr Doogs, but. . . . . DID YOU SEE THE GAME????!!!!!!! SO KEWL. .. . . . LOVE MY GUYS!@@@@!*$*&@(!@(

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

Hi Becky!
Just dropping in to say Hi! And as always, found such sweet and wonderful posts. So glad you share Dughall with us again. He's such a sweetie. Thanks for your beautiful blog. It's such a wonderful place to visit!
Patricia :o)

Anonymous said...

Ohhh...I'm overdosed with cuteness! Lovely...Pam

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Doogs!! You are such a busy fella, and yet you manage to stay so charmingly handsome and well groomed!! What's your secret? (Oh, it must be the "b" word -- b-a-t-h ----

Kelly said...

This is tooo cute!! Loved it!! I can tell this is a pooch with lots of personality!!
I have mini schnauzers(4), they are very much like the scottish terriers, I guess a "cousin" of sorts. My mom has a black schnauzer and most of the time folks mistake him for a scotty.
Arent "fur-friends" the best!!!??
I think Duhgall needs his own blog! I bet he would have a huge following.
Blessings~Kelly Maria

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Hah, Doogs, you are awesome. Love ya. And your mommy.


Tracey said...

Hi Becky and Dughall,
Thanks for letting me "borrow" this post idea and I did mention your blog....come by and check it out if you'd like :)
Have a happy weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, that was the sweetest post ever!!! Loved all the photos! Dughall is a natural born storyteller!!...Donna

French Fancy... said...

Gorgeous dog.

Lallee said...

What a perfect way to start my week on a Monday morning! This was a dee-lite-ful post on Mr. Doogs. I just loved it. I think my favorite pic is Doogs in the basket with Miss Socks. So cute.

Hugs from the whole gang!

Rue said...

That baby of yours is so darn cute!

Hugs for Doogs :)


Anonymous said...

ahhhhhhhhhhh - what a fab post and I love you Dughall!!!!!

Maggie May
Your Florida girlfriend

ThisleRose said...

Awww- Can never get enough of scottie pictures :-)