Friday, June 6, 2008


What? What is THIS?A box from my sweet friend MICHELLE! Huh? Why is she sending me a huge box in the mail? Could it be Tom Selleck? There aren't any ventilation holes...oh my! But I DO know CPR! Tom, oh Tom...are you in there honey?
So I feverisly open it Tom...BUT, there is a darling ME card with the cutest birdhouse on it! After carefully removing the scads of packing around a huge object....
...I unveiled THIS!!! Remember Michelle sharing a birdhouse that her loving husband Rob made for her? I just loved it so much and they made one for me!!!! Isn't it cute? I am just so surprised that I was blessed with this cutie pie!
It is just perfect and I love the old brass door knob for the perch and the pitched red roof made out of beadboard. And check out that chimney! (click to enlarge photo). Totally Mary Engelbreit looking!
I have been putzing around lately and am slowly but surely adding bits and pieces on my patio to make a little room. The birdhouse is the perfect addition to my shelf. Thank you Rob and Michelle!!!!!! I LOVE it so much!
But wait, there is MORE!!! I got a double dose of spoiling in the same day!!! Awhile back a sweet lady emailed me asking if I would like for her to send me a soap that is a Scotty Dog. I honestly am a shy person and get all embarassed when people offer to give me things. Time went by and I forgot about the offer until I received this fabulously wrapped box and lovely note.
This adorable Scotty Soap is from a lovely lady named Sarita (love the name by-the-way!). She knows how I am a passionate Scotty owner and gave this precious wee one to me. Love his top hat, too!!!!
Sarita, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing him with me. I just adore him and he has found a home on a shelf in my powder room. He just fits right in nicely with the old bottles!
Thank you, sweet friends! I'd hug you if I could reach through the screen!
Happiest of weekend to y'all and happy trails to you!


Janet said...

What a lucky girl you are Becky. That birdhouse is just perfect and fits you to a "T" and what fun to have a Dougs soap.


Michelle said...


Rob & I are so glad you are enjoying your birdhouse. I love the cuckoo clock on the pedestal too:)

The scotty dog soap is adorable ~ you picked a great way to display him.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Hugs to you!

Have a wonderful weekend and

Simply Shelley said...

Hi Becky,what wonderful gifts..and they have found such a lovely home.
Thanks for sharing them.....


Life on the Edge said...

I just adore that bird house! When I finally get my living room around, I can upack my birdhouses! Just love them. The Scotty soap is too sweet for words! What a precious gift!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

What an awesome Mary E. birdhouse. Love the knob on the front and of course the red and white. Scotty dog is cute!!!!

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

Becky, I need to tell you..& I am not fibbing. I met Tom Selleck ! It was the summer of 1984, the year I graduated from college. My best friend from high school is Hawaiian. Her father was stationed here in Va. when we were in HS. He retired and they moved back to Hawaii. Her Mother's family has been care takers of a privet beach, called Lanikuhonua, for generations.(the property is owned by very old English family) A position that gets handed down to the oldest daughter.Someday my friend will live there. But, anyway, I visited after i graduated from college. And since it is a private beach, it gets used to film alot. Also adding to the property income. They have luwahs there too.
So, Mr. Selleck was often there. A family friend.
So, imagine sitting in your friends kitchen & "what! Tom Selleck just strolls in & heads for the fridge to get himself a soda!" Really, I would not kid you like that.
And he is very nice. Amy

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

Oh Google "Lanikuhonua", you'll see what I mean. Heaven! Amy

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky,
Cute little birdhouse. Maybe next time it will be delivered by Tom Selleck.


Heidi Ann said...

I love your bird house and the Scotty soap looks right at home!

Cathy said...

You got some amazing lovelies. I am a M.E. lover too. I especially love birdhouses. That scotty dog soap is 2DIE4. What a load of goodies you received this week. Lucky lady...


Anonymous said...

Hi becky,
I love the rooms youve shown us today!! Gorgeous!!
Tom Selleck Hmmm yummo!!
You are a lucky girl getting all those sweet little gifts!! Im loving the Scottie dog!! Cutie Pie!!
Hope your having a great week!!

Natasha Burns said...

ooooh lucky you Becky!!! The birdhouse is soooooooo beautiful and I love the little pooch!

Susie Q said...

I am so enjoyiing catching up with you...dang if I lost that tray after we left for DC! Pooh...I was afraid that would happen! LOVE the pillow cover!!

LOVE all the recent posts..your gfuest room is so pretty. I would never want to leave!!

This bird house and the Scottie soap are precious! What sweet gifts! Michelle must be a dearie, as are YOU!


Vintage Linen Treasures said...

Becky, you are so much fun, sweet, and friendly. It's no wonder people want to bless you with little (and not so littl) treasures! Love the birdhouse and the darling little scotty soap. How fun!
Patricia :o)