Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Shhhhh....Our Little Houseguests Have A Secret

Shhhhh........don't let the cat out of the bag!
I won't tell if your won't....
But I willlllll, well sort of.....Last Friday my friend, Waive, and I went over to our sweet friend's house to play with two Scotty Pups that were there. Our friend was in a horrible accident and cannot tend to her pups. (Doogs is wearing a life vest in case he falls in their large pond.)

So here are our two little houseguests - little 10 week old Scottish Terrier puppies. We are tending to them for now to help take some stresses out of our friends' lives. On the left is Millicent and the right is Finnegan. (I named them so I would have some order here ~ ha!)
After a little traveling, they were tuckered out and I NEEDED a break! Finnegan is quite the little whiner and butterball!
But here is Doogs, getting use to having them here and playing with them.
Doogs says, "Ok, mom, I've had enough! I cannot crawl under that chair to get that Finnegan!!"

Here Millicent is telling Mr. Finnegan what for! She is the alpha puppy, but a sure sweetheart and loves to cuddle.

Aren't they so sweet? Well, I have a little secret, however I won't tell anyone for now. No, it won't be that I am getting another pup. At least not for now. I have not been able to get ANY sewing or crafting done. Like having little kids around the house. I love them so much though! In a few days I will divuldge what great news we have - oh, I am not pregnant either! LOL

Thank you ALL so very much for the Doogie's Birthday wishes! Tina had asked what kind of cake that he had last year. We purchased it at a Dog Bakery (I know......) and it was made out of things that are doggy friendly - carob and peanut butter, to name a few. I didn't try it, but the six dogs that were here sure enjoyed it!!

I appreciate all of you and send my heartfelt gratitude to each of you for all of the emails, get well wishes, Birthday wishes and hugs and kisses sent Doogs' way!!! (((HUGS)))) back to ya! Woof and Rooty Rooooooo!!!!


Natasha Burns said...

Wow you've got your hands full there Becky! They are all so adorable! Love the names you gave them!
Ooh when are you going to let the cat out of the bag? Love to know what your secret is!

Rosie's Whimsy said...

What adorable pups! I bet you have your hands full :-)

My curiosity is so peeked....can't wait til you spill the beans! :-) Rosie

Esther Sunday said...

They are precious! Good ol' Doogs, playing with them. Make sure you reveal your secret PRIOR to me leaving for Cali on Friday, as there is no computer available to me while I am gone. (Gee, I'm not bossy or anything, am I?) Thank goodness you are not pregnant! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh Becky aren't our doggies funny? I am in Tennessee at my SIL's house and she has two maltese, one is only 5 months old and his name is Memphis. I will post a picture of him but anyway, Jackson is tuckered out. They have played and played and played. I had thought about getting a second dog but nope, I think I'm good.

LeAnn :)

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

They are SOOOO cute! Now, tell me, that one looks like a West Highland White Terrier, but is he a white version of a scottie? Just wondering...I thought Scotties were always black haired.

Sweet pups, and I can't wait to hear the big secret!


Anonymous said...

What sweet little pups. Happy Birthday to Doogie and I'm glad he's feeling better.

Alison Gibbs said...

How lovely of you to help out your friend with the sweet puppies

Heidi said...

Ah! Can you sneak one onto an airplane for me Becky??? Their mommy would never notice would she? I am sorry to hear why they are there and hope she will be okay but I think this would be great fun. They are just adorable. You really have your hands and house full. :)

News? Okay now I am very curious and you know what they say about curiosity!

Hugs and kitty kisses ~
Heidi and Dagi

Cowboys and Custard Mercantile said...

Oh what a couple of sweeties...Doogs will miss his playmates when they go back home..
Now where is that dear puss of yours... scarpered I should think !?

Love to you

Cowboys and Custard Mercantile said...

Me again Becky.. I was so mesmerised by those gorgeous pups that I completely forgot that you have a secret to tell..
Are you coming all the way to the UK to see me?????

I will just have to be patient and wait for you to tell..

HURRY UP!!!!!!!


Maria Catalina Wiley said...

The pups are gorgeous!
I wonder what your secret is . . . are you going on a special holiday?
:-) Maria

Anonymous said...

Oh they are just precious! I would not be able to let them go back home. I hope your friend is doing better soon.

Thanks for the info on the cake. We actually have a doggie bakery here in the city where I work, but I've never checked it out. I need to do that!

Have a wundy day!


Kathleen Grace said...

What cute little pups, I dont know how you could give the little butterballs back:>) What could your secret be? I'll keep my eyes on your blog to find out:>)

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Me again.............just wanted to say how much I like the "Tooth Fairy Angel" you just listed in your Etsy Shop. Great idea!!! ((hugs)) Rosie

Nancy said...

They are sooo cute. Heidi would love to have one I bet. It is great that Doogs is ok with them there too.
Now, what is your secret?

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Becky, Those little puppies sure look like a lot of work and a lot of giggles. I'm looking forward to your big surprise. Susan

Kristen said...

Oh treasure your time with the pups and hopefully Mr. Doogs doesn't get too jealous!

Michelle said...

What cuties! That's nice that Doogs is such a friendly host!


Linda said...

What cute puppies and cute names you gave them. I think Doogs is going to be busy too.

A secret...I hope you share soon. Hugs, Linda

Susan @ Blackberry Creek said...

I love the Scotty pups. Are they both from the same litter, a black and a white? I love your Doogs too. He is a fine-looking doggy.

Brenda said...

Becky;What cute pups.If I wasn't so far away I would love to come and help it looks like so much fun:)I haven't seen a Scottish Terrier in person for years.I know it will be hard to part with them when they have to leave.
I like Doogs' life vest I know from personnel experience that Scotties cann't swim.Slater fell in our pool once and he just sunk.I think there legs are to short and hairy to keep them a float.
Have fun with the pups

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

The puppies are adorable ~ they are actually half brother and sister to Doogs. Same dad, different mother. There are three types of scotty dogs. The original scotty was actually brindled. There are wheaten scotties (blonde), black and brindled. These two pups are brother and sister. The wheaten guy (Finnegan) does look like a West Highland Terrier. You are right, Miss Melissa! They are wonderful dogs. For anyone who has never owned a Scotty, they are a lot of fun and a loyal companion. Some can be aloof, others can be sweet and loving...or a little of both. An old saying goes, "You don't own a Scotty - They own you." They will love you with their heart and soul.


Anonymous said...

Oooooooo, I can't wait to hear the secret. I love hearing good news.


Rosemary said...

They are so adorable!! I hope your friend will be better soon.
Can't wait to hear the big news!

Lisa Johnson said...

Miss Becky! You are cruel to tease us like that. I want to know now! I hate waiting for anything. Tell us! ha ha Your little puppy friends are so sweet. I hope Doogs is enjoying their company. Makes me want to get a pup...almost.



Sharon said...

How are you ever going to be able to part with Millie and Fin when their Mom gets better? They are adorable.

the said...

Looks like you have your hands full !! Whats the news?!?!?!


The Old Painted Cottage said...

Hello sweetie pea, where do I even begin? Well first off, I just read all about Doog's and the foreign object he ate. A piece of unknown wire? Oh dear. At least it has been removed, and he is well and healthy. Puppy kisses.

Okay, now let's talk about Doog's in the life jacket. That has to be about the funniest thing I've seen. And I love it cause I can tell your as paranoid as I am when it comes to our animals and their safety.

And those little puppies? I found myself making baby sounds at the monitor. "ahhhh, look at the ittle puppies"!

Reading your blog is always the highlight of my week. Lots of love to you, dear one.


Lallee said...

I'm cashing in all my chips and buying a plane ticket to CA. I'll let you know when to expect me on your doorstep. I think you new a nursery helper. Oh what memories those precious fur balls bring. Have fun! A secret? Do tell!


BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh how sweet! I bet you are so loving your Babysitting duties right now and how cute is Doogs~ being a wonderful host!

Maebelle Park said...

I love that little bunny girl in the top picture...soooo cute!