Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Deserved

This post is about my mom. See the little girl with the pig-tails and holding the little baby? That would be my sweet little mother, Carol Sue, when she was about 7 years old. I just love this picture! The sweet little toe-head on the left is my late Aunt Sondra and my mom is holding my Uncle Butch - the same Uncle that sent me the joke about the old lady and her making dolls. Yup, that is him!
I have been thinking a lot about this little picture the past few days. It is one that I cherish. One that shows my mom, being the little mom that she was even back then. You see, my mom grew up pretty dirt poor. In fact, one of the houses she lived in even had a dirt floor. But the beauty of my mother is that she was almost always smiling. No matter what. No matter that she had nothing. Sometimes only a dirt floor to even draw on as her parents could not afford to buy here any art materials.
My mother is amazing. She is a brilliant artist, in just about any medium. She is one of those creative spirits that has so many projects swirling about her head, that she cannot just focus on one and has many projects in the making.
When I was still living at home and in in college, my mom took a "Life Drawing" class...you know, where the models are nude and you have to draw a picture of them. Knowing my mom and her warped sense of humor, I can only imagine her stifling a few of her infamous giggles and smirks. But, she managed to sit through those classes and brought home her work. One night I walked by our kitchen table and low and behold was a drawing of a man's anatomy. Yes, the penis. Ok, I said it. Penis, penis, penis. Yup, by golly it was the real deal - done in pencil. Well, I bravely asked my mother about it and she explained it to me. NOT that I didn't know what it was or anything like that. You know, I was 18 and had two brothers, so I knew what the thing was. But, she had to explain that it was "The Fly." Ok, mom, why "The Fly", as I snickered and smirked. If you looked closely in the upper right corner, there was a perfectly sketched fly (yes a fly - buzz buzz) and it was kind of hanging about there - suspended in mid air. Mom explained that the drawing had two meanings. Alrighty then, I will take that. But why? You see, "The Fly" could be what you call a man's zipper - crotch - the thingy dingy....ORRRR it could be just that - The Fly - hence buzzzzz buzzzzz. You know, I knew my mom had something there. She has an amazing wit and is so very creative and has always thought outside the box before the term ever became such.
If it weren't for my mom and her creative whims and whimsies, I probably would not be blessed with such intricacies that I have. I can only give my mom credit for her enabling my creative mind and spirit and to have nurtured me to be who I am today. Although the drawing gene skipped me and my oldest son inherited it, I can say that she gave me the vision to create, to see things in a new and different perspective and to re purpose objects or things for reinventing (before going green was a thing to do). I remember many, many nights and days that she would spend painting furniture in the garage and giving them new life, a new look. Mom had it going on before going on was fashionable. You go mom - you go girl and keep on being the visionary that you are - and you are so good at!!!!
I love you mother!


Miss Jean said...

Aren't we lucky to have Moms that we adore?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing such sweet thoughts about your mother.

I think people expected less and appreciated more in our parent's generation, as Tom Brokaw would say, "the last great generation".

It is going to be a truly sad day when these wonderful folks are all gone. These were a generation of great faith, integrity, and a strong work ethic. We wouldn't be enjoying what we have today without having had them as fathers and mothers.


Robin said...

Very sweet of you to write about your mom. Strong creative women produce strong creative offspring!

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky, what a loving and sweet post about your Mom. It's so piognant how you say your Mom had nothing, yet look at the woman she became, strong, positive, creative, and always smiling no matter what. And you are testament to her being a great Mom Miss Becky, you are not only creative with a cute sense of humour, you have a totally gorgeous heart! Hugs, Jenn and Jacqui :)
(Hugs to Doogs and Socks too!)

Sentimentally Me said...

Becky, what a beautiful post about your oh-so-creative mother, dunno about your brothers, but she sure produced at least one creative offspring! :) How lucky you are to have a mom that you just adore. . . . . thanks for sharing a glimpse with us! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

What a lovely tribute to your Mom! You're lucky to have such a great Mom - thanks for sharing about her!


Rosie's Whimsy said...

I love the old picture and the sweet story about your Mom. It warmed my heart :-)

Kristen said...

What a special relationship you have with your mom! It is just wonderful that you have her to share your creativity, love and time with! I do miss my mother very much! Treasure her!

Dena said...

Hi Becky,

Your mom sounds like an amazing lady and I love that photograph of her when she was little! Thank you for sharing your sweet memories.


Nancy said...

I love the picture of your mom.
Good that you had it to post. She sounds like a wonderful Mom.

Anonymous said...

Hi my sweet Becky! How are you dear one? This was a beautiful tribute. Clearly your dear mamma passed on a wonderful legacy to you. While we don't always get every talent and trait, our mothers contribute so much to who we are. Gets me all choked up HOPING BEYOND HOPE that I've done enough to shape my girls (and son!)! BAHAAAA, I am now getting teary at the thought. What an awesome responsibility parents have.
You received a special gift from her and you let it shine all the time in blogland, so we get to share in the love!
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Love the post and the picture is awsome. Can or do you have it blown up?

Cowboys and Custard Mercantile said...

What a beautiful and touching tribute to your mother..
You know I am a firm believer in the strength of survival and the birth of creativity from adversity and your mother ( and my dear beloved departed mother) are stunning proof of this!!!
I love the story about the life drawing class... it reminded me of my first experience in such a class when I entered the room and there sat a naked man... bits and all on display!!!! I nearly fainted.. I positioned my easel behind the model to draw.. the tutor came along and told me to face the model and not avoid the issue!!! I will always remember that moment with humour as will you and the story your mother told..


Esther Sunday said...

Dearest Becky - this was a precious post! No wonder you are so wonderful - what a wonderful critter your mother is!!! I dearly love my mother as well! Way to go, Becky's Mom!!! (You have a cool daughter too!) Love, Esther

Janet said...

Here's to your Mom..clink, clink. What a wonderful woman. Funny story about the "fly".


Home Is Where The Heart Is said...

Dear Becky,
What a sweet picture of your mom, aunt and uncle. What a nice tribute to your mom!

Love Matilda...she's very sweet, too!

Love, Kim

Nan said...

What a nice post about your mom.

Betty said...

What a funny and touching post Becky! Your mom sounds like a character!

Anonymous said...

Lovely tribute to your Mama..she sounds like a gem. The picture of her and her siblings was just the sweetest. I loved hearing that she made the best of her childhood..being creative in her enviroment should be an encoragement to all.

Lallee said...

Becky, now we know where not only your talent gene but your wonderful sense of humor comes from. I wish I knew your mom! I haven't seen that drawing framed in your house anywhere ; Did she keep it? Very nice tribute to your mom!


Auntie Joy said...

What a great mom you have! How very sweet you are to share her in such a public way! She must be very proud of you!

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

What a lovely post about your mother and the love you have for each other!

BittersweetPunkin said...

What a lovely post about your Mom!! You are too funny! I can see you have some FABULOUS goodies on your eBay!!

Deb said...

Such a great post (and picture) sharing your thoughts about your dear Mum.

Meggie said...

Lovely post, lovely photo. Your mom sounds like a remarkable woman. You sound like the relationship is a good one.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely tribute to an amazing woman!


Rosemary said...

Thanks for sharing that great mom story!

Ragged Roses said...

What a wonderful post. very touching

Laura said...

I admire and appreciate people like you and your mom who spend so much energy coming up with ways to make things beautiful and interesting.
Lovely post.

Mary said...

What a precious photo and a truly lovely post! Your mom sounds amazing!

Tracy M. said...

Hi There,
I just found your blog and love it. Your story about your Mother is wonderful, aren't Moms great.
Best wishes,

closed account said...

That is some post Becky, loved it to bits, your mum sounds an amazing woman, and if you can take the flattery ,like mother like daughter!...that really touched me that did...
Okay, now I have to apologise for the non returning e-mail, sorry(hangs her head in shame)but we (hubby and I) did read it, can't believe though we share so much in common, even down to our mums, I have had a wee break from blogging and still am, just havinga little break from my break, so to speak!
Will send you a hopefuly enjoyable e-mail soon, with some good fun photos of our common links!!
thanks for taking the time to mail me in the first place, how you do it I'll never know, love to you and yours, Kath xxx

The Old Painted Cottage said...

Incredibly touching and funny at the same time. I loved this post. It sounds like your mom is quite a visionary and a natural talent. Now I know where you get it from!

PS ~ Noticed Yo Yo Ma is now gone, but Enya is a nice follow-up!

Love you lots,

Cottage Contessa said...

What a truly sweet post and beautiful tribute to your dear mum!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Anonymous said...

Love , Love ,Love old photo's !!! Thanks for sharing about your mom. Mom's rock.. having a awesome mom and being a awesome mom! It's the best!!!

Maria Catalina Wiley said...

I loved reading about your Mum, Becky. What an amazing woman - I'd love to see some of her work!
Best wishes,