When I was a small child, I would snuggle up to my mother and grandmothers as they either knitted, crocheted or quilted.  To me, it was comforting to watch them work and share the process with me.  Their energy and love went into each piece that their hands so delicately worked.

Early on, I became fascinated with fabrics and would spend hour upon hour sorting through my Nanny's stash of quilt fabrics.  As I sat on her tweedy couch in the den and played Lynn Anderson on her record player, I would entertain myself by sewing together 2 x 2 squares that she cut for me.  Those later became either a doll quilt or were fashioned into something for Barbie to wear.   Nothing went to waist, not even the glaring and gawdy polyester knits.  Nan made those into some very interesting crazy quilts - one of which I still have.

These women were and are inspirations in my life.  I thank God for their love of creating.  That little creating bug has bit me many a time over the years.  Though I haven't yet learned how to knit or crochet, my passion is to sew.    I love fabrics - old, new - vintage, antique - sweet, geometric, embroidered, crochet, laces, rick rack - just to name a few.  Items I make usually are embellished with at least one vintage piece, be it a button or an old piece of crocheted lace.  Nothing is more satisfying than to start out with an idea and to bring it to life.  I like to think that designing with textiles is like painting a picture, just using a different medium.

Your home is your canvas - so whatever it is that you can do to make it beautiful - just do it!!  We all are blessed with gifts!

This link is to my Flickr album.  Here are some of the pillows, tote bags, pennant buntings and quilts that I have designed over the years.   Though I don't have any patterns to offer at this time, I AM working on how to publish patterns.  This is the next chapter in my life, so stay tuned.  :)

Handmade By Me click here to take you to my flickr album.