Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sooner or Ladder.....

Many years back I went to a garage sale and found a sorry looking piece of furniture. I didn't know what to call it other than a receptical for garage what-nots. It had paint can stains, oil stains and well, it was a sight for sore eyes. At the time I wasn't sure where it would land in the house, but I could see it had good bones and potential. There was even an old crackle finish on the sides. After a good scrubbing, sanding and several coats of paint, it was alive and pretty again. Even though my kitchen is not really large, I thought it would be great to hold cookbooks and other tid bits. It has been at home in the kitchen since.

One day I was looking at it and thought, "A vintage towel bar would be great mounted on the side so that I can display some of my vintage towels." After having no luck at finding the right size towel bar, a light bulb went on in my head. Why not hang the old red vintage ladder that I already have on the side? So, I got it out and it fit perfectly. I now have a place to hang some of my towels without having to worry about one of the guys using it to wipe mustard off of the counter with. I know that some of you know what I mean!! smile.


Rosemary said...

I LOVE the crocheted pieces and the red ladder! Drool!

Becky said...

LOL Rosemary! Do you remember it used to be hung in my laundry room? It was sideways and had potholders hanging from it....Becky

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Blogland, I found you through Amy's blog. Have a great week.

Jaybird said...

What a nice blog!!!, but I can't see the pictures of the kitchen cabinet....all I get are red x's :^( I'm sad!
Have a great weekend, and I'll be looking forward to seeing what you've been up to on Monday!!