Saturday, August 30, 2014

It Just Makes Me Smile….

…..when I see things of mine pinned by others on Pinterest.  It is kind of “pinteresting”…sorry…couldn’t resist.

What is even more fun is when a photo makes it to someone else’s “cover” for a “board”.  That is like the icing on the cake….not quite like making the cover of a famous magazine, but pretty cool nevertheless.

So without more chitty chat – it is the weekend and we need to roll with that – here are some of the pictures that are the most popular “pins” from my Pinterest boards.  Most are things that I have sewn, but a few are snaps from our home and a few foodie goodies, too.  I tried to link most of the pics to the original posts…hoping it is successful.  Not all are linked, but they are on my Pinterest  and there should be links from there back to the original blog posts.  Did that totally confuse you?  It did me…

pillows made with vintage linens
Union Jack Pillow In Neutrals.
Union Jack Pillow made from burlap and lace.
Patchwork pillow that I designed many moons back.
on a pillow (found here ->
Pillows that I made using bits of vintage tablecloths (used, loved on and tattered).  Added pom pom fringe, ric rac and ticking.
I used a vintage embroidered towel, ric rac, coordinating fabrics and little buttons.
Pillow using a piece of a vintage tablecloth for the center piece.
Sweet Cottage Dreams: Vintage Textiles - Display and Repurposing
display linens on a child's toy crib ladder
laundry room
Soft Molasses Cookies

And about these chocolate chip cookies…they are DA BOMB!  Best taken with a glass of cold milk.  (If I didn’t have 10 more pounds to lose on my diet, I’d go for making some up! I have lost 13 pounds to date and hubs has lost 22!!! He is better than me….just sayin’).

Enjoy your weekend!!!!!  Make it a good one.  Grab a cookie.  Or an iced cold beer.  Or both…but yuk, not together.  Smile

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Few Changes To Our Dining Room


I thought I would share some of the changes made to our dining room.  The only “before” photo that I could find is the one below.  It was taken in 2010 at Christmas time.  Since then we have replaced the carpet downstairs with hardwood floors.   I love our floors and am pleased with just how they reflect light and warm up the rooms.  And besides the change out of the holiday fluff, a few items on the walls and curtains have been changed as well.  Next to the hutch is an old wood bench with a wonderful worn green paint.  On top sits a large rectangle wood dough bowl and inside some round wood bowls.  Hanging on the wall is a trio of favorites – an oil painting of yellowy white roses, a piano mirror and a Sunday Oil of pansies. 

The most recent change to the dining room is that I replaced the IKEA Swiss Dot panels with curtain panels from Cost Plus World Market.  The new curtain pattern is Whippoorwill and the link to them is HERE.  The only thing I regret is not having purchased these online.  The store carries the 84 inch length and I should have ordered them online to get the 96 inch length.  I chose the Whippoorwill pattern because it goes nicely with my collection of brown transferware.


Casually stretched on the table is an antique tablecloth that came from a private collection of beautiful linens that were offered to me to purchase.  Some I have kept, like this piece, and some I have sold in the store. There is something extra special about this tablecloth and I especially love all of the cross stitched handwork on it.  Having made several cross stitched samplers over the years, I appreciate just how much time was spent creating it.  And I love the soft blue/gray color of the stitches.


The drawn thread edging is so delicate and fanciful and shows off against the dark metal top of my table.


A simple centerpiece of stacked European dough bowls filled with dried hydrangeas and deer antler sheddings rest atop the tablecloth.


Bird motif English ironstone and transferware mingle with bird nests on a shelf of the white step-back hutch..  My husband found an abandoned Hummingbird nest in the office park he works at and brought it home to me.  It is just precious and I have it lovingly displayed under a cloche.


The feather that is sticking up in the nest was found in a Hunter’s Diary that was written in the late 1800’s.  So…. I’d say that it was well preserved all of these years.   Now it adds a delicate flair to the nest.