Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Antique Gardener–A Must Visit When In Sutter Creek, California

antique gardner store front

I would bet that if I asked you what your favorite place to shop is, you could list quite a few.  We all have those stores that we shop at the most.  A grocery store, a favorite clothing boutique, a favorite space in an antique mall or a darling shop that is filled with wonderful items that tug at your heart. One of my favorite stores is in a town about an hour and a half from home.  It is The Antique Gardener in Sutter Creek, California.  Sutter Creek is a historic gold mining town and has an abundance of wonderful shops to spend a day meandering through.

The Antique Gardener is owned and operated by the creative genius, Aimee Peterson.  The historic building is the perfect setting for Aimee’s antique and vintage home and garden collections.  Out in the “back yard” are plants for sale along with other items to use outside.  As you stroll through the store you will be treated to creative vignettes, scents of fresh lavender and soaps and below your feet the old floors will give a little squeak now and then.  A charming place indeed to while away some time and to find that perfect treasure to take home.

From watering cans to old chippy green paint shutters – to linens, rusty metal tables and chairs – soaps, plants and yard stakes….French linen pillows, grain sack pillows…..well, you will see as you scroll through the photos.

cabinet drawer
flower box
grass tin
green shutters

seed box
table setting_1
watering cans_1
patio brick
reds cab
red bike
store card_1

The Antique Gardener is located at:
80 Main Street
Sutter Creek, California
phone:  (209) 267-5551
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Sunday, August 3, 2014

My Love Of The Sea


I love the ocean.

The movement of the waves.  The peace that comes with being near the sea with the fresh and salty air. The sounds of the birds over head.  All of it....Love.

Being near the water reaches into my soul. 

Because of my love of the sea, I bring a little of it into my home.  I dream of someday living near the ocean, in a quaint cottage that is within minutes of the sandy beach.  But for now, I collect things that remind me of my favorite place on earth.


I found this book, written in 1896, at an estate sale years ago.  It is filled with beautiful etchings of sea life and ships.  The cover is detailed as is the spine with a sea horse. It matches the tiny sea horse that I have propped up against a star fish..both casually leaning against an antique shaving mirror.


Inside the book is written this….
Captain Tony Perrich,
Morehead City, NC.

Who is Captain Tony Perrich of Morehead City, North Carolina?  Captain Tony Perrich, I have your book now and it is in safe keeping in my home. (Though I have to wonder if he is still alive.)  I will treasure it as long as I am alive on this earth of ours.  Thank you for your service on the seas and thank you for your lovely book that is filled with wonderful images of life on the vast blue waters.  I have to wonder how people captured in their minds such images and to spend hours carefully reproducing these images for all of the world to see in print.


I recently found the little bathing beauty plastic doll.  She is sporting a lovely green bathing suit and cap.  Next to her is a sweet fella adorned in his striped bathing shorts.  The look on his face is priceless, as though he could be saying, “Uh, I’m not going out of the house looking like this.  Are you seeerrrriiiousss?”


I have shared the whale toothpick holder before.  He is one of my favorite pieces and one that I shall never part with.

Not to worry, little green bathing suit girl, he is NOT a shark and he won't eat your lollipop!


Below is a shell creamer that is a souvenir piece from Florida and the photo below that is a flower frog of a star fish that belonged to my Great Aunt Nora and was given to me by my mother.


I found this beautiful painting of a lighthouse last week.  At first I bought it to resell, however.... once I got it home I decided to keep it.  It is lovely and I like the artist’s name…Studley.  ahem.


Till next time…ahoy, maties!