Sunday, October 2, 2011

Doggie Do’s – An Outing For The Scotties and Friends


Oh, HELLO! Fiona and Duhgall here! How’s everyone this fine fall day? It’s a tongue waggin’ day for us – we love the cool weather!! Now, here’s maw:

If you have been following along for the past few weeks, you will know that I was blessed to be a part of the 15 women to participate in The Traveling Friendship Bag – Sadie Mae and her companions, Toto and Rufus. For more of the story, you can read about it HERE and HERE.

On our last day out Sadie Mae, Toto and Rufus went with Duhgall and Fiona to the Dog Spa to meet Judy and Angie (below). These two women take wonderful care of our Scotties and make sure that their hair is cut to perfection. Duhgall and Fiona love going there and can hardly wait to get out of the car to go in for their day of luxury.



We cannot forget to allow Mr. Cash (Judy’s Russian Wolfhound) to have his moment with the trio. He was quite interested in the toys!! Cash is so gentle and very beautiful. Just look at his eyes – such a loving dog. He melts my heart.


Time to say goodbye to Miss Sadie Mae, Toto and Rufus. It was a sad moment to tuck them away in the box and having to say so-long. But they cannot stay with me forever and are on their way to Connie at Shady Creek Lane in Washington State.

Have fun, Connie and thank you, Cindy, for your kind heart and thinking up this wonderful way to bless Sherry. xxoo


Benny and Lily said...

what a fun day with the furry kids. Love the tote and stuffies
Benny & Lily

Gran - Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

You are a blessing to us all!!!!!!!!!!!!

Connie said...

Yay! I got it yesterday and am so excited to have my time with the traveling bag. I almost forgot it was coming, what a sweet surprise.

Pondside said...

It was a treat to be taken along 'in the bag' with the little critters as you went out and about.

Kathleen Grace said...

Miss Sadie May, Toto and Rufus certainly got around town with you Becky! Fiona and Dughall look shiny and soft after their grooming, what sweet pups they are:>)

Kris said...

Your doggin's are beautiful!

Elsie said...

Becky those sweet thangs are just beautiful.
That was a very special thing you did. You are such a beautiful person. Thanks for sharing your trips.

Linda A. said...

Don't those doggie babies just
feel extra special after a day
at the spa....and they know
they are cute, I can tell !!!

camp and cottage living said...

I think there going to miss you Becky! They have sure had an adventure with you.
Duhgall and Fiona look lovely, as usual!

Linda A. said...

Your doggie babies look yummy after their spa day......and
they know it too! Cute, cute

TheCrankyCrow said...

I, for one, will miss your time with Miss Sadie, Rufus, and Toto...and I'm sure they'll be missing you too...Those are some good lookin' puppy dogs! Have a wonderful week ahead....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

AshTreeCottage said...

I want to give all the pups a big hug!

Susan and Bentley

Lululiz said...

Sometimes I wish I was a dog, lol, and get the luxury treatment your beautiful dogs have regularly ;-)
And as to that Mr. Cash, my goodness, what soulful eyes, I just want to cuddle him, he is so gorgeous.

Linda said...

I loved reading about all your adventures with the traveling bag! What fun!!

Linda A. said...

Love the doggie babies!
Looks like they love their spa.

ChaChaneen said...

Whew September just flew by didn't it? I'm behind in my visits! I lurve those round the world friendship things. I did one last year I think or gosh, maybe it was even longer with a little bear. My kids loved it!

By the way, your dogs are just adorable!

Vee said...

Oh really? They love to run in and see their groomers? Hmmm, my poor poodle whimpers all the way in and nearly chews me up when I arrive back. She's so fussy because I know that she has a sweet groomer. Other dogs love her anyway.

This was really a fun thing to do and I may have to follow the adventure right along. Thanks for doing it!

Anonymous said...

Pippi loves her groomer too, makes you feel so good.