Friday, April 18, 2008

Stylin' - Vintage Style

The other day my sweet friend, Wave, came over to take pictures of some of my Syroco pieces that I have. The top right piece with the two dogs and the middle wheaten scotty are other friend's pieces. Wave writes articles for Great Scots magazine and she is doing a piece on vintage Syroco scotty dog pieces. Wave, being the oh-so-generous soul that she is, gave me the pipe holder and pipe (no, I don't use it - yackgh!) and the piece that says "Let In The Cat." I love them!
Wave has a real flair for putting displays together and you should see her amazing home! She should be celebrated in a magazine - it is that amazing! OMG amazing!! I could literally spend an entire day just walking through and looking at her home and garden. The outside of her home is an English Tudor and as you enter, it feels as though you are entering an English Cottage. I won't say to much more other than her collections of scotty things is vast and just wonderful. You can see some of collections in my Garden Club luncheon post.

Wave has asked me if I would write an article on vintage kitsch scotty things and so she put these two grouping of my things together. The large black scotty is a carnival piece of Wave's and is actually old chalkware. I have a few of the chalkware heads and she used one of them at the top of the picture and then hung a plaid ribbon from it.
Above, the large scotty is an old boot scraper. The old metal firetruck has a scotty riding in the back. The brush and holder is from eBay. You can find all kinds of Syroco pieces on eBay, too.
This is Maude and Dughall. They were having fun as we tinkered around.
Now if you ever feel like need a shopping break!

Have a great weekend, do something fun and be safe!

If y'all are staying at home and cleaning house, I am adding so boogey woogey music to get ya going and so ya can get your "groove on!"


Anonymous said...

Hi Becky,
What cute little vignettes. I love scotty dogs. I had that little scotty pull toy that I bought a few weeks ago. I tried to ebay it and it didn't go so I ended up keeping it because it was so darn cute.

LeAnn :)

Cami said...

A styling expert! Love all your scotties. I've sold a few woodcarved scotts in my eBay store and I always hope they arrive at a "good home!"... Loved looking around your blog. What a fun adventure!

Denise said...

You are really the worlds biggest Scotty fan............ I hope be be getting my ebay store up and running soon....... I love your toleward trays....... I have several and just love them......


Thimbleanna said...

What a fun thing to collect! Cute as they are though, they're no match for those real pups in the next to last picture!

Meggie said...

What a great scottie collection, even if it isn't all yours, Becky! Your friend, Wave, sure does have a talent for arranging. Fabulous vignettes!

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Oh I just love all things Scottish!
Just darling!


Janet said...

Love your stuff; do you think we will see Wave's house sometime, pretty please?


Susie Q said...

I so seriously love it all. Vignettes are my life!! : ) Ya'll are so good at it. And Scotties have been a huge favorite of mine for a long time.

LOVE this post but then, I love ALL your posts right?


Rosemary said...

Hi Becky,
Love the little scotty dogs.
If I had a dog, I think it would be a scotty.

Linda said...

Hi Becky, the scotty vignettes are darling! Wave and you are very creative. I just loved seeing all the sweet scotties, I think the boot scrapper is really unique and I just love the red firetruck with the scotty in it.
My mom had scotties and I have a scotty paperweight that was her''s very special to me. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Linda

quiltdoggie said...

OH Becky ~ I thought of you while I was at a quilt show in Chicago. A fabulous booth had tons of ribbons, trims, buttons and embellishments and had a set up of scotty stuff ~ plaid buttons and red & black scotty woven ribbon * you & Doogs would love the schtuff!

PS * you & the girls are adorable in the previous post ~ what FUN!!!Have a great weekend, Becky!

Kathy said...

Love all the Scottie stuff. My best friend loves Scotties and she lost her Watson about 2 years ago, but still loves them. I have been pointing her to your blog. She says that one of the live ones you show looks just like her Watson did. Thanks for all the great pictures.

Heidi Ann said...

I just loved seeing all those pictures of the wonderful Scottie collections! Great Scot! Great stuff!!


Thanks for the music, takes me back to my disco 'daze'! I always do my housework to loud music, it makes doing it slightly less painful! x

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Ohhh I love all of the Scotty goodies! Fun, fun, fun!

Donna Lynn said...

Sweet scottie collection! I collect dog things too and just adore real dogs too! So glad I stopped by for a visit to your blog! Have a great rest of your weekend, Donna Lynn

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Oh Becky,

How exciting to write an article, congratulations to you!!! I always think of you when I see scotty things :) Love the vingettes!


Lallee said...

Oh, that is exactly how I'm feeling (last picture), but all your sweet pictures cheered me up.

BIG, BIG congratulations on the article request. I must start subscribing again! No way will I miss any of your articles!

I love the vignettes that Wave created are wonderful. I love the idea of the ribbon hanging from the chalkware Scottie. I have a group of those on my kitchen wall. They're so cute. I have to go look at all the pics enlarge now and make sure I don't miss any Scotties!

Hugs~one for you and one for Doogs....and aroos from my clan,

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Such sweet doggies your scotties are (the real ones).

Classics and Country said...

What a darling vignette.....The grouping is perfect together.

white o'morn cottage said...

Hi, your scottie is lovely. His name Duhgall - is it Gaelic? It looks so similar to the gaelic name for my home town which is Baile Dubhgall pronounced (ball-yeh doo-gall) It translates as home (baile), and dubh(dark or black),and gall (stranger)
So his name could mean Dark Stranger!
oh, and my cousins are Fannings too! cheers...Pam