Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Momma Always Said, "Don't Play With Matches!"

Ok, after reading Miss Esther's mishap and fire blunder, I decided to come forward and come clean with my idiotic - and I mean IDIOTIC - incident that happened to me last week.

I had showered, put my robe on, came downstairs for round two on my morning java and decided to light a candle. So here I am, standing in front of the stove and on my tile floor, wet hair wrapped in a towel, and butt naked under my robe. (eeeee-gads!) My son had just left for school and I was home alone, well Doogs and Kitty were here. I picked up my candle, struck a match and lit the wick. Ahh....nothing is better than a fresh smelling candle to make the house smell wonderful. The cheap-O matches sometimes spark a bit and, of course, it sparked good that time around. So I reached over and sat the candle-in-the-jar on top of my stove. Then I smelled something burning - and it did not smell like my "Fresh Rain" candle. I quickly surveyed the room...nothing. Then I looked down at my robe - now keep in mind that I did not have my glasses on and what I was looking at was vvvvvveeeeeeerrrrrryyyyy blurrrrrrry - but there were flames. Bright orange, like the photo above. OMGAWD!!!!!! All I could say was, "oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God!!!!!!!!!" My former fire training kicked in and I shed the robe into a pile and threw a bowl of dirty sink water on the robe. OMG OMG OMG!!!! Spffffffffff..........smolder.......oh, ouch.....I feel a sunburn! Thank God I reacted quick - and without my second cup of coffee, too! And I also thank God I hadn't opened my blinds in my bay window that is in our kitchen. It is like a fish bowl having them opened. Now wouldn't that have been a site - me running around in my birthday suit and acting like a crazy woman! I am thankful that I only got a very small burn on my stomach. Good ol' adrenaline - makes us kick in our fight or flight mode - and the OH Shit factor!

Note to self: Buy the propane lighters at the grocery store and ditch the matches. And if my fireman son is reading this, your momma did good!


Miss Jean said...

You forgot to change your playlist song to One Hot Mama by my man, Trace Adkins!

asti said...

Oh God indeed !! Glad you escaped without any nasties..
What a shock to the old system early in the morning !

Maria said...

You're probably glad your other son wasn't home either! Sorry, but the way you wrote the story & the music in the background made me laugh out loud !:-)

Seriously, I'm glad you're ok. I can relate to that as I always have a candle burning at my place. I LOVE candles.
Take care :-)

Natasha Burns said...

Thank goodness you are ok!!!!! yikes!!!!

Anonymous said...

How funny! You never know how fast your reflexes are until something like that happens. Glad you weren't seriously hurt or publicly humiliated (large window blinds open).
Do you have a DUH book? I have a mental one for things;
super-gluing my hand to my reading glasses, locking my dogs in the car accidently.
BTW what happened to the other Scottie puppy?

Kathleen Grace said...

Oh my goodness! I am so glad you werent hurt!I must admit though that the scene that played out in my mind as I read this made me laugh. Oh my, sorry. Its just the whole nekkid, junping around putting out the fire thing. Glad you're ok:>)

Rosie's Whimsy said...

EEEE GADS! I am so glad you are OK! A Life lesson to be sure!

Stay safe......Rosie

Heidi said...

Oh my goodness Becky! Thank God you are alright! That would be very frightening. I bet Doogs and Kitty were scared if they saw it happen. Yikes. Okay...time to look on the bright side of life? You get to go out and buy a new robe. Take care dear friend.

Hugs and kitty kisses ~
Heidi and Dagi

Nancy said...

Well tht was a NOT fun experience.
I know you were lucky not to get hurt and more than you did. We all do something foolish at times.
You just joined the club.

Michelle said...

So glad you have fast reflexes! I think we've all had those moments.. so glad you are ok!


Lallee said...

Oh my golly goodness. I can just picture you (well sort of) hopping around. I'm glad all was OK. My son's cat flicked his tail over a candle once, but fortunately was OK~a little singed. I confess that I do burn scented candles (in jar only) and leave them unattended in the room sometimes.......and OK I have accidentally left them burning when I left home before. I'll change my ways now and be sure I'm dressed first ;-) I'm impressed with your quick movement on low caffeine. That is a feat!


Rose Garden Romantic said...

Oh my!! I'm glad you are o.k.! What a fright that must have been! Love your new bunting garland!

Anonymous said...

Oh my...my nieces call that word Aunt Becky's 'fire word'..lol..guess since you are Becky too..its only fitting...sorry my friend..yes why do we fool around with those stupid matches..after never burning a hole in my ugly 80's carpet..I burned a tiny hole with a misbehaving match last year too..only the rest of me didn't catch on fire..so glad you are okay...and your blinds were down..lol...becky up the hill
p.s. it's frosty up the hill today..have to make a fire..very carefully!

PattieJ said...

OMG! It's sure is a good thing you were able to get the fire out before you were seriously burned, and that the blinds were closed. hehe. Now , get on over to Yankee Candle and get yourself a candle lighter, they sell a nice one.


yellowfarmhouse said...

Holy Smokes - (no pun intended, well maybe a little) it's amazing how fast things can happen. I accidently put a cotton kitchen towel on an electric burner that was off on my stove and that towel started to smolder and was getting ready to burst into flames the burner was still very hot. Thank goodness I was standing there. Glad you are OK sweetie. Now get one of those propane lighters, OK

Hugs - Karen

Susie Q said...

HOT damn...literally!
I am so, so glad you are alright. My dad was fire fighter for the city of Dayton for 26 years and I am so afraid of fire. : (
So glad you have fast reflexes. Did your son
give you a lecture?? My Dad was very good at that!! *smile*

Sue, who would love to have a banner when you get more up for sale!!!

Mary said...

Yikes!!! So glad you're OK. Gotta laugh, tho, at the mental picture of you hopping around the kitchen in the buff...

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Goodness girl, that must've been a sight! So glad you are alive to tell the tale! Praise God the blinds were shut too, that would've been terribly embarrassing! :-) Watch out for those propane lighters too, they can flair up and scare the living daylights out of you if your face is too close!



Anonymous said...

OMG Becky! I am so glad you are okay. That must have been so so scary. I have a similar story I shall share someday.

LeAnn :)

Amy Wagner said...

Hello!! I was sent by Betty at She's Sew Pretty to see your blog . I am going to visit my sister-in-law in California and wanted to maybe get together with Betty while there. (Actually my SIL lives in Ripon.) Betty mentioned that you have a super cool blog and had written about a scrapbook store near you.
I am so glad I popped over to your blog because I have found a new favorite!!! Like you, I decorate with white ironstone, vintage embroidery, red and white croquet pot holders and just about anything RED!!! I love milk glass too and vintage picnic tins and hampers.
Stop by my Ohio blog and peek at my category of "curious corners inside" listed in my margin. You will see my red goodies.
I will be back to read some of your older posts to see more red eye candy!!

By the way...I am glad you are ok from your burn.
2 years ago I spilled a 2 quart pot of boiling water down the front of me and received 3rd degree burns on 40% of my torso. I stripped down to naked as quickly as I could because the clothing even my under things were burning my skin more. All this in front of my whole family-kids and all. You were very lucky!! Also, my brother is a firefighter!!
Glad to have found your blog!!
Amy at Abundant Curiosities in Ohio

Anonymous said...

Yikes! What a scary thing. Glad you didn't get seriously hurt.

I love your pretty & colorful banners...in fact, I have some of the very same fabrics & they are my favorites (I'm also an anything cherry lover).

I'm so glad you also posted your laundry room because last year when I saw that sweet vignette in the green cabinet I forgot to bookmark where I saw it! I loved it so much. And, I recently bought a copy of the same embroidery pattern. it's probably free somewhere on the Net, but I only just learned about people sharing patterns...I coulda saved a bundle..lol. oh, well.

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Thank goodness that you were okay. Quick, smart thinking. Susan

Denise said...

Well,, I laughed first,,,,,, sorry and then thanked the Lord that you are ok.... We do silly things between the first and second cup of coffee.....I am so afraid of fire so I am over careful.... ( that is not good english but that is a fact)

Really , glad you are ok.....

Linda said...

Ouchie...thank goodness you are alright. Linda

Rosemary said...

Glad you are OK. Time for a new robe.

Esther Sunday said...

Honey, not sure you and I should be left alone, especially while together, without strict supervision. Perhaps your handsome fireman son, in full uniform, could provide supervision? Love, Esther

Tiffany said...

oh my gosh...I'm so happy you are okay!


I lit a candle in my office, on my desk. Then I bumped a big stack of patterned papers over and they fell on top of the candle.

POOF - it was quite the raging fire in just a few moments.

So many supplies ruined, and my husband still hasn't let me life that one down!

Cowboys & Custard said...

Now this is what you get up to when my back is turned for a short while.
I always knew you were a hot woman !!!!
Seriously though Becky.. I am so glad you are relatively unscathed by this scary incident..

Apologies for disappearing for a while.. I will be back in a day or two and catch up with you proper!

Much love


Becky, thanks for reminding us of this serious issue, in such a comical way! I hope your burn is healing? x

Mary said...

Oh Becky ,I am so glad you are Ok!!!
I try to be careful,but one day I left my candle burning, it was a good thing Brandy came home and saw it. She fussed at me for days. Guess you get a new robe:) I ordered some of your precious magnets . Hugs Mary

the homely year said...

Oh what a shock you must have had! You must have really fast reactions to put it out like that. Not the best start to your morning...but you made me laugh how your explained what happened.
Glad you're OK.
Margaret and Noreen

Sweet Remembrance said...

You are so lucky...
Darn matches!

Anonymous said...

Oh Shit! Has saved me many times!!

Anonymous said...

" I just had an Epiphany thought?!"...My guardian angels name must be "OH SHIT!" Ha! ?

Meggie said...

Heavens, Becky! Thankfully you are OK...quick action indeed. You did super good! I know what it is to be blind without the ole glasses.

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Oh Becky,

Thank God you were not hurt..and that you didn't have those blinds open ;) teeheeeheee!


Mrs.Kwitty said...

YIKES! So glad you weren't seriously burned! Well, I'll bet that little incident got the old ticker pumpin' huh?
Smiles, Karen

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Yikes!! I once set my aunt's bathroom on fire like that! Thank goodness for the bathtub!
Stay safe~

pamscottieboy said...

I'm just sitting here crackin' up at your description of the "fire" incident. It's the butt naked picture that got me...one of my worst nightmares! Seriously, thanking God that you are okay.

Lisa said...

First of all, glad to know you only received a small burn. Second, I am seriously laughing myself silly visualizing the terrible scene unfold, not to mention the million thoughts that run thru your head at times like this.
So much drama to endure without enough caffeine can be hazardous to your health. Thanks for the laugh!

Janet said...

Glad you got your inner pyro out of your system without too much damage,LOL. I am back from my CA trip and trying to catch up with all my friends.