Monday, June 13, 2011

Layering – The Making Of A Coffee Table Vignette

P1010024 Good Monday morning to you! During the Parade Of Homes tour several lovely readers emailed me and commented on some of the vignettes in our home – asking where I find things to put them together and how to layer. Today I will demonstrate how to put together a vignette and hopefully touch base on the questions asked.

As Duhgall looks on (wondering what I am doing), I will start from bottom to top in creating the little coffee table (an old trunk) vignette.

1. Start with a base – like a runner or piece of vintage linen. I am using a ruffled burlap runner that I made. The texture of the burlap compliments the nubby texture of the area rug under the trunk.



2. For balance, I stacked books on one side and placed an ironstone platter on the other end. I chose this ironstone platter because it has a great brown crazing to the glaze, which compliments the burlap runner and trunk.


3. Drape a little vintage doily over the edge of the platter. I chose this piece because it pulls together colors in the room and compliments the vintage floral pictures on the wall.



4. Place a flower arrangement on the platter. The old Majolica pitcher has a sunflower on the side and is the perfect match for the bouquet.

5. Stack some books on the platter. I like to use books to bring a vignette “up” for balance. This particular vignette has FIVE levels to it. I also like to choose books that either have a similar theme (hence the squirrels) and colors that will pull the vignette together. Try to have the covers of the books coordinate with all of the colors within the grouping.


6. Add a few playful squirrels to the top.


7. The old clock was added for yet another height and brings your eye downwards. I also love the parchment color of the clock face and the worn black patina of the metal body.



8. Add a small family photo and a little box to hold a remote control for the TV – and there you have it, a lovely layered vignette.


If you only do one thing to make a coffee table look beautiful, just add a bouquet of fresh flowers. Sunflowers make me happy and remind me of summertime and the works of the artist, Vincent van Gogh.

With just a few items from around the house, anyone can make a pretty grouping. Just have fun with it and enjoy the process!


Julie Harward said...

Thank you for that lesson, I love the runner you have too, I think I just might practice! ;D

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

I love layering. That is the funnest part. Thanks for the tips.

Elsie said...

Becky you did a wonderful lesson.
I love your little squirrels and your book too. Thanks for the lesson.

Stacey said...

Beautiful! I was just looking at your home tour pictures again this weekend. The squirrels caught my eye. They are so cute.

Kim K. said...

Brilliant lesson. It's amazing what layering can add to the vignette.

Janet said...

Lovely Becky and thanks for the lesson. I think layering is so hard for a lot of us; I know I always stop too soon and then it just looks busy. Do you use a frog to get the sunflowers to look so pretty?

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Becky,
Beautifully done...I love your trunk!
and the playful squirrels are adorable.
Have a sweet day and see you soon,
Hugs, Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

Love it!...thanks for the simple steps, I've been wondering how everyone was creating those lovely Vignette's!

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Vee said...

That was a wonderful lesson. Now I feel inspired to go gather a few things and create one for my bay window. You've made it easier!

Donna said...

What lovely inspiration! Adore the coffee table.
Big Hugs,

Blondie's Journal said...

This is fabulous, Becky. I think I learned a little bit with this post, such as heights. It looks so pretty! Great job! Oh, love that clock!!


Deborah said...

Gorgeous Becky!!

Deborah xoxo

Ranger 911 said...

If you could only see me! It can take me all day and still it never seems quite right. When I actually like what I've done, I take a picture to make it easier on me the next time.

Joy said...

What would our homes be without layering?! I love vignettes, so much so, my husband knows what they are.
Yours are lovely...thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I just love the burlap runner! And I agree, fresh flowers are the best decorative accessory bar none. I once read a quote that said something like, "If you have two pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one and a lily with the other." Words to live by in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I love the layered look and used to do it often before I had such a big house to dust. But the look is soooo warm and welcoming.

Kathleen Grace said...

I just love your burlap runners Becky. I could do this with my coffee table. I am terrible at vignettes, so I'm glad you went through this step by step:>)

Pondside said...

The main thing about what you do is that it doesn't look at all contrived, which I sometimes find with tabletop vignettes. Yours is lovely and real.

Carol said...


Susan said...

Very pretty! Love the stone ware platter!

Linda said...

Wonderful...I'm all about the layering!Love the little squirrels!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Super vignette. I love how the majolica pitcher ties all the colors together. Pretty!

"Create Beauty" said...

Different heights and textures and meaningful treasures, makes for a lovely vignette! Thanks for sharing the beauty.

I scrolled down and saw your lemon bars and my stomach is begging for them now....I must try those, it's been ages since I've made lemon bars. I'm drooling.

~ Violet

Ann at the Handley Bungalow said...

As usual, beautifully done! Thanks for the lesson! Everything you put together is adorable.

Elizabeth said...

No one can make a wonderful vignette like you can, Becky!

Jennifer Hayslip said...

Gorgeous and very charming vignette! Adore the squirrels! Xoxo,Jenn

Shelley said... have a great talent for such things...blessing dear Becky.

simpledaisy said...

Wow...thanks for the lesson!!
Very pretty:)

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

You have such a special touch putting things together Becky! I am going to re~do my table! Thanks for the inspiration.


koralee said...

Such a lovely post! Your table is amazing. Hugs. xoxo

Tanya said...

I love the sunflowers, the clock and the squirrels. I guess that would mean that I love it all!

Deanna said...

Very nice. I find it fairly easy to decorate a rectangular coffee table but I'm finding it a little more challenging with the large square coffee table in our family room.