Saturday, July 31, 2010

how do their gardens grow, part two.

Time to finish our little stroll through the quaint historic town of Ferndale, California – where old period Victorian homes and cottages line the neighborhood streets. Many of the homes were built around 1880. Each one is unique in its own way - from the colors, their gardens and their fences.

Join me, will you?

And we shall walk this way today….

down a street where this grand queen, properly titled The Gingerbread Mansion, awaits us.


P1010072 Such a sweet garden with a little hidden table to dine alfresco.

This hedge makes me think of Lifesaver candy….it brings out the kid in me and lures me to crawl through that hole – but I didn’t….



Below is a gorgeous boxwood hedge that is sculpted in a wavy pattern. The chartreuse green is a nice contrast to the darker foliage and the elegant cement fountain.






Fiona is being very patient with me as I take these photos.





On the opposite corner of the Gingerbread Mansion is this lovely white Victorian. I just love the stained glass in the windows and the diamond pattern above the lower windows. The pretty window treatments and white picket fence are so sweet!

But wait, there's more...come down this street and check out this yellow beauty and the gorgeous gardens. After that is a periwinkle blue home that is funky and fun with HUGE bright pink mop top hydrangeas.













Look, there is Duhgall!




A pretty pink door and pink cannon ball finials on the posts. Do you see the little rosette over the front window?


Look at the old metal tricycle on the porch! Isn’t that just too cute!? This house was built in 1882, as indicated on the placard.


Let’s mosey over next door to check out the violet and blue house….


Though this house didn’t have much of a garden, it did have lovely details in the scrollwork and corbels.


I hope you enjoyed the little photo tour.

The dogs had a good time and even met this sweet little Schnauzer, Maggie, along the way.

Have a sweet weekend!



The Rocky Creek Scotties said...

What a fun trip - I love those old "painted ladies".

Pondside said...

Thanks for the tour - this looks like a very pretty town. I'm fond of Victoria architecture, but have to admit that the little Cape Cod-ish house (the photo with Duhgall in it) is the one that appeals the most.

Lynn said...

Thanks so much for this tour! I love seeing the Victorian architecture on these gorgeous homes! Absolutely beautiful!

The gardens are all so wonderful too!! California has many beautiful homes and gardens, that's for sure!


Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

What a wonderful neighborhood! You can't help but get inspired by walking through there.

stefanie said...

oh, they are all sooooooooo gorgeous!!!!

Claudia said...

Such beautiful homes - a testimony to a quieter, gentler time. Thanks so much for sharing them with us.


Anonymous said...

I wish every town in America had a quaint neighborhood like that.


Parsley said...

What a lovely place!

I saw your comments on Splorin Wolfies and wanted to drop by and visit. have Scotties! I pet sit for a little Scottie and he's so comical.

We have 6 dogs. Feel free to drop by where we always have hot tea and cookies waiting...and of course dog treats.

God bless.

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Thanks for the tour. Gorgeous homes and gardens. Love & blessings from NC!

Stacey said...

Just wonderful. Strolling through new neighborhoods is one of my very favorite things to do. Always makes me feel a little like a stalker, especially when I'm taking pictures. :)

Vee said...

After trying to do a drive-by recently, I do think that a walk-by is far preferable. Do people ever ask why you're taking photos of their homes? :D Scare them and tell'em that you're the insurance adjustor. Anyway, what wonderful big old Victorians so lovingly owned and cared for. I'm smiling thinking of the big square rooms they must have.

Judi said...

The tour was a lovely tour. I enjoyed looing at the beautiful houses...I love the yellow and white one I think that is my favourite. Beautiful flowers and grounds.
hope you are having a lovely day...
enjoy the weekend

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Yes, Stacey and Vee, I can relate to those same thoughts about hoping that the occupants of these homes are peeking through their windows wondering why on earth is that lady taking photos of our home? BUT, this town is a tourist town and most likey they are use to the ooooo'ing and awwww'ing over their homes. LOL about the insurance adjuster! That is funny!


Cherry Chick said...

Those are lovely homes and your photography is just wonderful. The Gingerbread Mansion is my favorite. How fortunate the people are who live in those houses.
Thanks for sharing with us all.

NanE said...

Beautiful photos and houses! I love Painted Ladies, such charm and grace I don't think we will ever see again in Architecture. Thanks for sharing, Blessings, Nan

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

This was fun. I love that house with the pink roses and door. Actually, I think they're all beautiful. Thanks for taking us along. I haven't been to Ferndale since my grandparents took myself and one of my cousins when we were kids. It's like something out of a movie still.

fiberdoodles said...

Oh what fun! Such lovely eye candy of homes. Thank you for the tour ;0)

Brenda@Cozy Little House said...

These homes are so beautiful! And the gardens too. What a treat this must have been.

Elsie said...

a gingerbread lady to go with their gingerbread man in that gingerbread mansion? WOW that is
some beautiful homes. They really
knew how to build them back then.
Talk about Class, those Victorians
love to decorate. Thanks so much
for the tour. Please tell Fiona
and Doogs thanks too.":O)

Maggie and Mitch said...

What beautiful Victorians and gorgeous gardens! Thank you for the tour!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Farmhouse Country said...

Oh how pretty! I'll take the yellow one! I love old houses thanks for sharing!
Take care,

Donna said...

I enjoyed the tour of the homes and gardens. They are just gorgeous with all the architectural detail. Thank you for showing us the pics!

The King Family said...

what beautiful places Becky! Thanks for sharing!! Makes me want to come for a visit. :)

Tins and Treasures said...

Good Morning,
Thank you for taking us on this lovely tour with you. I really enjoy looking at old houses. They have so much character. Just think, someone had to paint all of those intricate details the contrasting colors. Yikes!

Have a relaxing Sunday. Take care ~Natalie

Allie said...

What an absolutely charming town! Thanks for the virtual tour of the beautiful homes and gardens. It looks like the dogs had a good time, too! Happy Sunday!
~Allie and Pippen

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

My goodness, it seems ages since I got over here to say hello to you. Probably hasn't been that long..but..time flys by so fast.

How I LOVE looking at homes. These were simply eye candy for me!
I adored the color of the yellow one..all of them in fact..but lately that lovely golden sunshine look catches my eye.

How have you been? Are you still crafting and selling? I have fallen behind and always find I have missed so much when I don't get over here. I know you understand totally! :)
That song.."Always on My Mind" comes to my mind.
Love and hugs to you, dear friend.

Miss Jean said...

Dibs on the yellow house!!!!

Rose said...

The homes were magnificant. they all had different personalities and different colors. the lawns looked well kept. thanks Rose

A Write Life said...

Love the stroll through town. Great details on those houses. Too cute.

Dena said...

Oh my gosh Becky, I want the yellow one! Those homes are so beautiful. I can't even imagine living in a painted lady...sigh...what a beautiful neighborhood!


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Loved the photo tour Becky. Beautiful houses and gardens.


Heidi Ann said...

I have always LOVED Ferndale- and The Gingerbread Mansion! Thank you SO much for the lovely photo tour. I NEED to get back up there!

Mandi said...

I ADORE Ferndale! I could live there forever. The 'big yellow' house has always been my favorite.

Thank you for the tour!


Dishfunctional Designs said...

Beautiful photos & beautiful blog!

Juanita said...

A few weeks ago I read on your blog about Ferndale and I fell in love with the town just through your pictures and words:) My hubby asked what I wanted for our anniversary coming up this month and I said here let me show you:)Thank you for sharing your day..


Signs and Salvage said...

We just drove through Ferndale! What a lovely town...the houses are amazing!!!

GREAT photos!!! We do NOT grow flowers like that on the Central Coast for sure!!

Take Care,